**U-Cut Lot is closed for 2020**

Due to very low inventory and COVID precautions,

we are unable to open in 2020

Our replacement trees are still too small for harvesting

Lone Fir Tree Farm

These last three years have been unusually busy here at the farm and we have sold more trees than we can immediately replace.  In 2019, we were open just one weekend because of a low inventory.  In January, the outlook for being open this year looked very iffy.  Then along came Covid-19.  Recently the best management practices for retail Christmas tree sales were announced, which would require significant modification of our sales area.  After careful consideration and discussion within the family, it was reluctantly decided to not open for U-cut sales this year.  

This is not a decision taken lightly.  We have been selling U-cut trees continuously for over forty years.  Many of our customers have been with us for decades.  We cherish their loyalty and friendship.


 While we will not be open for Christmas trees, wreaths will still be available from Fischer Greens.  They are located at 12355 N W Newell Place, Forest Grove, which is just off Highway 6 on the east side of the Gales Creek valley.  A complete price list is posted on our website.  You will need to contact them in advance for availability and times of operation.  Call 503 502-6523.


Dad and I planted our first Christmas trees 60 years ago this winter.  We have been planting Christmas trees, and timber trees as well, ever since on a regular basis.  There are Christmas tree seedlings of all ages in the ground now and will be going forward.  The next generations are already involved as much as they can be continuing the Christmas tree farm, and even the fourth generation participates as they are able.

The Boge Family wishes every one of you a Safe and Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Better New Year.‚Äč