Oregon Department of Forestry

www.oregon.gov/ODF - Oregon Department of Forestry administers forestry rules on the public and private forest lands in Oregon and manages the state forest lands.   

Oregon Small Woodlands Association

OSWA.org   - Oregon Small Woodlands Association is an association of woodland owners.  It's purpose is to educate woodland owners and represent them at the Oregon State Legislature.  

Evergreen Magazine

https://www.evergreenmagazine.com  - Since 1986, Evergreen Magazine has been the voice of American forestry and science-based forest policy. 


Washington County Small Woodlands Association

WCSWA.com - Washington County Small Woodlands Association is the county chapter of the OSWA.   Meetings are held most months of the year including summer field trips and an annual meeting in November.  

It's Christmas Keep It Real 

itsChristmasKeepItReal.com  - The benefits of choosing a fresh cut Christmas tree are real! 

Oregon Woodland Cooperative

www.oregonwoodlandcooperative.com - Oregon Woodland Cooperative is an association of woodland owners with the purpose of marketing woodland products at a premium.   

Oregon Forest Canopy, LLC

www.oregoncanopy.com  - Oregon Forest canopy works with the Oregon Woodland Cooperative, a group of over 70 private, family forestland owners in Oregon. Oregon Forest Canopy produces essential oils from six native confiers for personal health and well-being by means of aromatherapy.  

Lone Fir Tree Farm